Best Free Registry Repair

The Anybody who has ever used Windows, and that's most of us, knows that the Windows Registry is sort of the black sheep and the Achilles' heel of the OS all at the same time. In theory, the Registry is supposed to consolidate our most used files and programs in an easy to access location so that our PC will run smoother and faster. Unfortunately, theories are called theories because they're not … [Read more...]

Are Registry Cleaners Safe To Use?

The system registry is a file located within all computers that run Microsoft Windows as an operating system. This file is responsible for recording and maintaining a wealth of information that is needed not only by Windows, but by almost every program that runs on the computer. The registry keeps track of information like hardware setups, custom user settings, and program options for … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Keep Your Computer Running in Tip-Top Shape

Computers today are one of the most basic necessity of modern society. Whether you're in the home or in the office, computers can be seen everywhere. The advent of the Internet has only increased the significance of computers. Virtually everyone has one, and watch out, the numbers will only keep on growing. Since computers are often used daily, they face a great amount of wear and tear. This … [Read more...]

Top XP Registry Cleaners

When it comes to getting the top XP registry cleaner you first have to identify what your needs are. No registry cleaner on the market will suit everyone's needs. Regcure is a very well known registry cleaner out there that many people use. It's a very easy to use program and is one of the top XP registry cleaners on the market. However this program does not have all the bells and whistles of … [Read more...]

What is the Windows 7 Registry

The Windows registry is a database that the Microsoft operating system uses in order to create and edit vital settings and variable configurations, dynamically, according to user activity and preferences. The Windows registry has been designed and implemented for a very long time, since the oldest versions of the Microsoft Operating System. For this reason, many specialists believe that the … [Read more...]

Best Windows 7 Registry Cleaner

When looking for the best Windows 7 registry cleaner you first need to identify your specific needs. The one that is best for me may not be what's best for you. A good example of this is 32 bit operating systems and 64 bit operating systems. There are still plenty of registry cleaners that do not run on a 64 bit OS. SO if someone recommends to you a registry cleaner built for Windows 7 you … [Read more...] merely provides the information on this site as a resource. All information is provided as opinion only. We do make a commission from many of the products reviewed on this site. We cannot be held liable for any damages of the product or service. Each product or service is a trademark of the respective owner. does not produce or support any registry cleaner.