How To Clean and Repair Windows Registry

The windows registry accumulates a lot of unwanted items during normal computer usage. The registry is an organized database that keeps information about all programs and features existing in the windows operating system. It harbors information about attached hardware, program settings, computer memory set up, start up programs and many other system features. The registry is found in all windows versions starting from Windows 95. The database is updated every time a user makes changes in the system, such as installing and uninstalling applications or modifying system settings. In a nutshell, the registry is analogous to the brain or the heart of a human being. Consequently, it is important to know how to clean and repair windows registry.

A clean registry ensures that the computer runs smoothly with minimal or no errors and performance is significantly boosted.
A cluttered windows registry can slow down a PC a great deal. The longer a PC is used without maintenance, the more redundant items accumulate in the registry. Cleaning up and repairing the windows registry manually is possible, but can be somewhat cumbersome. This can be done using the windows registry editor. However, this option is only advisable to users who understand what the registry entries mean. Before attempting to repair windows registry manually, it is prudent to back up your registry. The following steps will explain how to clean and repair windows registry:

-Click Start button on the desktop and select Run.

-On the new Run prompt, type regedit and click Ok.

-The registry editor window will appear. Click File on the window menu.

-Select Export. Choose a location to save your registry back up file and click Save.

-Now you are ready to make any changes to the windows registry. If anything goes wrong, you can always restore your registry from the back up file created earlier.

-To manually modify registry entries, click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left pane of the registry editor window. This is the area that is used to modify hardware and software configurations.

-Click on the plus sign to expand details of the area you want to edit.

There are various other tools that can be used to clean and repair windows registry. A registry cleaner is software that eliminates inconsistencies and errors in the windows registry. This is the most appropriate method to use to clean and repair windows registry for users who do not know how to do it manually. There are numerous registry cleaner programs that are able to tune up the windows registry and enhance computer performance. Most of them operate essentially the same way, only they are developed by different companies. PC Health Advisor and Registry Booster are both very good examples. They basically scan through the windows registry for errors and missing entries and inconsistent values. A good registry cleaner displays a list of entries that can be removed, as well as those that are not safe to delete. Additionally, some of them allow the user to back up the registry first before running a comprehensive scan. These tools are very efficient in cleaning and repairing the windows registry. They can really leave your computer with a consistent and clean registry.

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