How to Repair Vista Registry

Your registry may be corrupt for any number of reasons and that may include power failures, where the edit being made to registry was not completed, leaving the registry hive in an inconsistent state.  When your computer is restarted, the operating system tries to load the registry hive, and may have data that it cannot interpret.

Faulty hardware or corrupted system and data files may also cause problems in the registry, as all hardware processes involved writing to the disk . The situation may not be easy to determine, but  if registry hives, as well as other files are inoperable, the problem is most likely due to faulty hardware.

There are some steps that can be taken for vista registry repair. Windows Update will usually prompt you to download some software in the Windows Servicing Store that can check for any inconsistencies. The software can be manually installed, when the program is run as an Administrator. When the dialog box opens, after clicking continue, there are some commands that will need to be entered at the command prompt:

reg add HKLM\COMPONENTS /v StoreCorruptTimeStamp /t REG_SZ /d “0″ /f and Press ENTER

Now type in: reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\CheckSUR\ and Press Enter

Download and Install  the program from Microsoft Download Center

Double click the file to run the installation. When completed, the computer should be restarted, so that the changes may be registered throughout the whole system.

It is important to check the hardware, the disk, the firmware drivers, and the BIOS and ensure that the CPU is not being over-clocked. If the system logs contain event ID 9, 11, or event ID 15 (or any combination of these events), this could be an indication that there may be hardware issues. The chkdsk utility should also ensure that there are no disk problems associated with the registry hives. Make sure that  (BIOS) updates to the computer are current.

An important procedure, that can be used effectively to pinpoint the source of problems is to capture a non-corrupted registry hive and compare it with a corrupted registry.There are appropriate and very useful utilities available to help with this task. This can be used as a great resource to identify where and exactly when the problem originates.

By tracing back to exactly which process that is writing to the hive, you may be able to identify hardware or software problems.

Adjustments to the registry can be tricky, and if they are improperly done, may cause your computer to malfunction, to the point where it no longer starts. Sometimes, it may be safer and better to use an advanced registry cleaning tool to maintain and repair Windows Vista. PC Health Advisor and Registry Booster are great registry cleaners. They will tell you exactly what the problem is and easy to follow instructions will tell what is required for the actual registry repair. If you do not feel confident or capable enough to attempt a registry repair, the use of some of the available register cleaner and repair software will not only save you from stressful registry editing, but it can also save you time and worry in the process.

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