Can I Use Another Registry Cleaner Besides the One Windows Provides?

A lot of people wonder if it is wise to use a new registry cleaner rather than just the one that is provided by Windows. The short answer is yes, you can use multiple registry cleaners on one computer and it will not have any negative effects. While Windows often provides many needed solutions, like a built-in registry cleaner, firewall, and more; it doesn’t necessarily mean they are providing the best software that is available. It never hurts to seek out the better software out there and test it against what you already have.

Registry cleaners are important to today’s computers, because we are doing a lot more with them than we were 20 years ago. It is my opinion that you should find a new registry cleaner that meets your needs the most and then stick with it. By this, I mean to see if it does the job correctly, how easy it is to use, and most importantly, does it allow you to backup your registry before running the cleaner? Even though it is rare that registry cleaners will cause any problems, it can happen because we don’t live in a perfect world. However, a simple backup will easily remedy any problems that were caused, so I really like to see this option included in any new registry cleaner I install. There are programs you can download for free that will backup your registry, if it is not included though, so you can leave your options open as long as  you are not an all-in-one package kind of person like I am.

As I stated earlier, Microsoft makes great products and I am a really big fan of them, however, I like to use registry cleaners that are from a company that specializes in cleaning and optimizing the registry. The software from companies like these often provide more options, better performance, and great support. Searching for a new registry cleaner is far from a difficult task so don’t worry about it if it seems overwhelming to you now. There are many options out there that are available for you to chose from. Many of them even offer trials so you can get a feel of the product before making the plunge into the fully purchased versions. Some of the registry cleaners you can use on a trial basis are PC Health Advisor and Registry Booster.

In the end, it is my recommendation that you use another registry cleaner aside from the one that is provided by Windows. I personally feel that you will get more out of the software and even better results. You never know what you are missing until you find it, and that is true in this situation. There is certainly no reason to not go out there and start comparing registry cleaners. I am positive that you will end up finding the right software for you.

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