Top XP Registry Cleaners

When it comes to getting the top XP registry cleaner you first have to identify what your needs are. No registry cleaner on the market will suit everyone’s needs.

Regcure is a very well known registry cleaner out there that many people use. It’s a very easy to use program and is one of the top XP registry cleaners on the market. However this program does not have all the bells and whistles of some others out there.

Take for example Registry Mechanic. It is one of the best all round computer tune-up programs because it has a ton of features that can really help to speed up and manage your computer. The problem is it’s harder to use then most other programs out there. If you have little computer knowledge then you may want something that is very straight forward yet does a great job on just cleaning the computer registry.
There are many other top XP registry cleaners out there but those two are genially what I tend to steer people towards. To find the best one that suits your needs I always recommend downloading a few different programs and demo them out. Most free demo’s are limited in what they will do. They may let you manage the start-up section or run an optimizer scan but often times they will not let you clean the registry.

In the demo mode you should be able to run a few scans and play around with the program. This is a great way to discover what program has the exact features you are looking for and can use. It will also help you decide if the program is too bulky for you or too hard to use.

In any case knowledge is power so after a quick five or ten minutes in each program you should be able to find the answer you are looking for and selecting the right registry cleaner for your needs.
One other thing to note is a money back guarantee. I know all the programs we feature on this site has at least a 30 day guarantee but there may be some cleaners out there on other sites that do not. before you purchase ensure there is a money back guarantee in place. That way if you decide you made the wrong choice you are not out any money and just a little bit of time for trying the full version out.

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