Free Windows Registry Repair

The Windows Registry is a notorious little bugger that, whether you know it or not, has been the cause for some of your biggest computer-related headaches. Nine times out of ten, if your computer is acting buggy or experiencing major slowdown, you can bet that the registry is to blame. Now the Registry isn't meant to be harmful; its purpose is to safeguard all the important files that you … [Read more...]

Free Up Hard Drive Space

When the hard drive on your computer is full with temporary files or other materials, it can make your system run slower. There are simple ways though that you can free up the space on your hard drive. Clean The Registry Cleaner While the registry cleaner that you have on your computer is important, it also takes up space through temporary files. You should get into the habit of emptying … [Read more...]

Do Registry Cleaners Solve Most Problems?

This is a question that is frequently asked by many people. The short answer is "No, they do not". In some cases, they can actually cause more problems than they solve by allowing users to delete critical registry keys that should not be deleted. While in some cases, the result of deleting critical registry keys may go unnoticed for a while, others are immediate, and can result in system … [Read more...]

DLL Error Message

Anybody familiar with Windows has no doubt experienced a DLL error message. These message boxes have a way of appearing on our screens when they're least welcome. The interesting thing, though, is that if you pay attention, you'll notice that the DLL errors often have the same numbers time and time again: wnaspi32.dll, mshtml.dll, binkw32.dll. This is the key to understanding why these messages … [Read more...]

Simple Computer Virus Prevention

Like viruses that make us sick, computer viruses also self-replicate, infecting files and computer systems. They can even be passed from one computer to another. Computer viruses range from being destructive to just annoying. Who knows why the people creating them take the time to do so, but trust me, you don't want them infecting your computer. The time and money costs of a nasty computer … [Read more...]

4 Tips For Surfing the Internet Safely

It's like the wild west out there! Spyware, adware, viruses ... if you can name it, you can bet it's clamoring to get on your computer. The following list includes a few tips for surfing the internet safely. Email Attachments Never open email attachments from people you don't know. These attachments may contain all sorts of devious viruses or other nasty's within them. If you don't know the … [Read more...]

Compare Registry Cleaners

When dealing with any registry issues on a Windows computer, there is often a lot of confusion, and even fear, in selecting the program that is right for you and your system. Any mistake in dealing with your computer’s registry can negatively affect software, and even worse, the computer itself. If you wish to clean up their registry, there are a few solid factors that will help you determine … [Read more...]

Can Registry Cleaners Stop a Blue Screen Crash

Registry cleaners help you to protect your computer against many problems including a blue screen crash. That is a serious problem and it can be an indication that there are bigger issues going on with your computer system. Some people lose very important data and you don't want that to happen to you. A quality registry cleaner can also help your computer to run like it should instead of being … [Read more...]

What You Should Look for In A Registry Repair Tool

You need a quality registry repair tool so that your computer operates correctly and with speed that makes tasks efficient. Everyone wants to know the data on their computer is safe and their operating system is in optimum conditions on a technical level. To keep that peace of mind pay attention to you registry. Clean your registry and repair issues as you are made aware of them. Don't neglect … [Read more...]

Best Registry Cleaner for Windows 7

Selecting the best registry cleaner for Windows 7 is very important. Having this additional support in place can keep your computer functioning at its best. It can also prevent you from having the horror of your computer crashing on you. There are several options which means you don't have to settle for something that isn't going to get the job done. Explore to find the Best Registry … [Read more...] merely provides the information on this site as a resource. All information is provided as opinion only. We do make a commission from many of the products reviewed on this site. We cannot be held liable for any damages of the product or service. Each product or service is a trademark of the respective owner. does not produce or support any registry cleaner.