Can I Use Another Registry Cleaner Besides the One Windows Provides?

A lot of people tend to wonder if it is wise to use a new registry cleaner rather than just the one that is provided by Windows. The short answer is yes, you can use multiple registry cleaners on one computer and it will not have any negative effects. While Windows often provides many needed solutions like a built-in registry cleaner, firewall, and more, it doesn't necessarily mean they are … [Read more...]

How to Clean the Registry on Your Computer

A computer registry is a huge batch of files containing about practically everything that occurs on a computer. Whether it’s a website visit, a program installation, or information about drivers, it’s likely that you’ll find them all in there. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a registry may have hundreds of thousands of entries at a time, with new ones being created as you … [Read more...]

Edit Entries In The Registry

The only way you can edit program entries is through the Registry Editor. Changing entries in the Registry Editor should be done carefully. If some entries have been modified in the wrong way, it may result in your computer to crashing down and becoming inoperable, and in some cases, certain programs or applications in your computer may not execute. Your Registry Editor can alter how your computer … [Read more...] merely provides the information on this site as a resource. All information is provided as opinion only. We do make a commission from many of the products reviewed on this site. We cannot be held liable for any damages of the product or service. Each product or service is a trademark of the respective owner. does not produce or support any registry cleaner.