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Why Should I Keep A Clean Registry?

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Keeping your registry clean is a very important part of computer maintenance, because it ensures that your computer stays fast and stable without having the hassle of hiring the services of a technician to fix it from time to time, which can be both time taking and expensive. Are you still wondering why should I keep a clean registry? Read on to know more.

The registry is a database that stores all windows options and settings. It contains the data of all your hardware, operating system software, all the applications and other user settings like your user profile, installed software, documents you create and basically everything on the PC. Programs access the registry thousands of times and new entries are created each and every time you install a new software or hardware. That is why keeping a clean registry is imperative. Most importantly, it helps you get rid of system errors and what they call the blue screen of death!

There are many ways of making amends in the system and regaining a clean registry. The most popular methods you can use are to download registry cleaners which are widely available and often times free. With a registry cleaner, you can scan for errors, run reports to detect new problems and best of all it can automatically fix them. PC health Advisor is also a good program to use, and the one we recommend.  It ejects active malware, updates your driver, and cleans your windows registry. Mind you that you can do this on your own, just click on ‘start’, then ‘run’ and type in ‘regedit’. You can now look for invalid and corrupted entries; just make sure that they are the correct one, since any deleted entry by mistake can make your computer unbootable. Therefore, it’s a lot safer and easier to use one of the registry cleaners available on the market.

Once you start cleaning the registry of your PC at regular intervals, you will notice that you get a few extra years with your operating system.  Programs and applications will run smoothly and you will never have to face the blue screen of death! Just imagine the time, effort and money you will need to spend just to get yourself back on track with your computer life, in case your computer crashes.

A clean registry is something every computer needs. Think of it as your vehicle that needs an oil change. If you waited too long, your vehicles would eventually break down and cause you to spend even more money to get it fixed or even replaced. Just like you need a regular check up in order to keep yourself healthy and continue with your everyday life. It is just like food needed by the body to function and think well. You can be your computer doctor by keeping the registry clean and your computer in mint condition.

Can I Fix Registry Damage On My Computer?

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Have you ever encountered the problem of computer slow down? This is actually a common problem with the Microsoft windows users. At times the computer behaves abnormally and becomes very slow. One of the possible reasons is registry damage. Now the question arises, can I fix registry damage on my computer? Well the answer is YES. However, many computer users don’t even know what a registry is and how to fix registry damage. Through this article we will tell you what a registry is, what are the possible reasons of registry damage and how you can fix the registry damage.

What Is A Registry?

A registry is a sort of database that contains the essential configuration settings and programs of the operating system components on Microsoft windows operating system. Because of the windows registry, these settings and programs enable the applications on your computer to run smoothly. However, with continuous computer usage, the registry accumulates redundant files and entries over a period of time and this affects the speed of your computer. If you don’t fix this problem for a long period of time, your computer might crash and stop working. There are also some other factors that lead to registry damage like viruses or spyware that destroys your registry and lead to system crash.

How To Fix A Damaged Registry

To fix this problem and get your computer running smoothly, you should use a good registry cleaner. A registry cleaner is software used to remove redundant and unwanted items from the registry of Microsoft windows operating system. There is a number of registry cleaner software available in the market, but one should choose the right software for the purpose, because some registry cleaners might be poorly designed and can delete the wrong item while cleaning the computer, causing some serious problems. However, there are some very good registry cleaners that even take a backup of the damaged registry before cleaning it and restore it back in case something goes wrong during the process of cleaning. I suggest using PC Health Advisor for your registry cleaning tool.

A registry cleaner scans your computer to find and eliminate the invalid registry entries, fix up the registry related errors and makes your computer respond tremendously faster.

The registry cleaner creates a report of the scan and informs you about the existing errors related to ActiveX controls, windows explorer errors, internet explorer and system32 errors, svchost errors, dll issues and a number of other registry related issues.
A good registry cleaner can be used to clean and reorganize the damaged registry in your computer, making it work faster.