Windows 7 Registry Cleaners

Windows 7 is very different then older Windows versions. It only makes sense that the best registry cleaner for Vista or XP may be different on Windows 7.

The below registry cleaners have been tested on Windows 7 and are known to work well on both the 32 and 64 bit platforms.

No matter how professional an operating system is built, it still relies on its internal components and architecture in order to run smoothly. The Windows 7 registry, one of the main components of the Microsoft operating system seems to be the perfect example in this direction. A central database of settings and configurations is complex by nature and difficult to manage in an efficient way. For this reason, the Windows 7 operating system requires constant cleaning of the registry in order to ensure a smooth run time of all installed applications.

PC Health Advisor gets our vote for best Windows 7 registry cleaner. See why we gave the top spot in this PC Health Advisor Review.

Windows 7 Registry Cleaner Comparison:

PC Health AdvisorPC Health Advisor

Our top recommendation goes to PC Health Advisor. It works great as a Windows 7 registry cleaner and the user interface has been well thought out. PC Health Advisor will automatically keep clean and repair your registry if you setup the scheduled scans. This program comes with many other tools as well so you can get the most speed and life out of any old computer. No other registry cleaner on the market that I know of offers so many tools for this low of price.

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Registry Booster ReviewRegistry Booster

The newest version of Registry Booster runs perfectly on Windows 7. I might even rank the actual registry cleaning portion slightly higher then PC Health Advisor. This program is only for cleaning the registry. It does not include other tools like a startup manager, which just about every other registry cleaner on the market does. If you are considering using this product I would encourage you to upgrade to the Power Suite so you get a wider range of tools to really optimize your computer.

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RegistryRegistry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic is built by PCTools. This product used to round out the bottom of my top ten list for registry cleaners but over the past year they have really hit gold with the latest version of Registry Mechanic. Users will find the program has a very easy to user interface and a registry cleaner that works perfectly on the Windows 7 platform.

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System Mechanic 9.5System Mechanic

System Mechanic by Iolo has a huge fan following. Users who purchase this product seem to keep coming back and upgrading every year to the latest version. The support at System Mechanic in my opinion is not as good as the above 3 but is a very nice program. The cost is higher then many other registry cleaners but that is because it has a wider range of tool sets. Over 50 tune-up tools all rolled into one package. The user interface can still use some tweaking but all in all it’s one of the top 5 registry cleaners on the market.

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