7 Tips to Keep Your Computer Running in Tip-Top Shape

Computers today are one of the most basic necessity of modern society. Whether you’re in the home or in the office, computers can be seen everywhere. The advent of the Internet has only increased the significance of computers. Virtually everyone has one, and watch out, the numbers will only keep on growing.

Since computers are often used daily, they face a great amount of wear and tear. This leads to the need for regular maintenance. Fortunately, you can keep your computer working smoothly for a long time with a little basic care.

Here are 7 quick and easy tips for maintaining your computer.

  • Clean your files: For your computer to operate smoothly, you need to remove unnecessary files from your computer. Files that are not removed just pile up and start eating your disk space, leading to a slower computer.
  • Remove unwanted startup items: If there are unrecognized items in the task tray, the booting process slows down. In addition, these unwanted items also take up memory.
  • Remove unwanted applications: Uninstall unwanted applications from your machine. Too many applications will slow down your system.
  • Clean and defrag registry: Over time, the registry becomes fragmented and bloated with obsolete and invalid data. This leads to errors on your machine, system slowdowns, computer freezing and even automatic shut-downs.
  • Scan for adware and spyware: Adware basically refers to the ads that pop-up on the screen when you browse the Internet. Spyware is another common problem which can track what you do on the computer, leading to identity theft in the most severe cases. You should scan for and remove all traces of adware and spyware from your computer.
  • Scan for viruses: The most basic routine you should follow is to install an antivirus software in your computer and run it often. Viruses can be very hazardous to your computer’s hard-drive. Therefore, running an antivirus software is very important to its health and performance.
  • Clean the computer case: Dust can be very hazardous for your computer as well. To keep dust from entering your machine, make sure that you clean your computer’s case regularly.
  • Follow these 7 tips to save yourself from having to pay huge computer repair expenses. Along with these basic tips make sure that you service your computer at least once a year.

It has been said that prevention is far better (and cheaper) than a cure. So in order to avoid major system problems make sure to follow the 7 basic tips.

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