DLL Error Message

Anybody familiar with Windows has no doubt experienced a DLL error message. These message boxes have a way of appearing on our screens when they’re least welcome. The interesting thing, though, is that if you pay attention, you’ll notice that the DLL errors often have the same numbers time and time again: wnaspi32.dll, mshtml.dll, binkw32.dll. This is the key to understanding why these messages occur, and what you can do to stop them.

What are DLL Errors?

As we’ve learned, there are a few error messages that happen more frequently than others, and this is because a DLL is actually a link between many different files. DLL stands for “dynamic link library” and, as its name suggests, it is a library of the most dynamic, or most often used, programs on your computer. These are the go-to files that are stored for quick access so that your computer can run more efficiently.

How Does This Happen?

Unfortunately, these DLLs are shared between several different programs and the reason an error often occurs is because a program that contained that link was deleted and now another program is trying to access that link. Sometimes the DLL just gets damaged from a faulty uninstallation. Viruses and malware are often the culprit too, as they wreak havoc on your DLL links and therefore any program that uses them.

How do I fix DLL Errors?

A quick and easy fix for DLL errors is to uninstall and then reinstall the program that is faulty. This often allows the program to refresh its links. You can also reinstall any recently uninstalled programs. This doesn’t always work, though. Another handy tip is check out your Windows Registry. Many problems on your computer start with the Registry and a registry cleaner might be just the ticket. The Windows Registry is a complex place, though, and so it helps to research it a bit. A website about registry repair tips should be perfect. One thing that isn’t recommended, though, is to download a replacement copy of the file from the error message. Reinstalling one of these can do more harm than good. No matter how you proceed, make sure to proceed safely.

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