Facts About Windows Registry

The Windows registry will fill up with registry errors over time. Each time you install or uninstall software, the registry is affected. Often the software will not uninstall properly and registry keys referencing files that no longer exist will build up in your Windows registry. When files like these accumulate, your computer may begin to exhibit the signs of a corrupted Windows registry.

In order to combat registry errors, you must periodically run registry cleaner software. Registry cleaners have been developed to clean all Windows systems including;

  • Windows 95 Registry
  • Windows 98 Registry
  • Windows 2000 Registry
  • Windows XP Registry

Review our chart to learn what the Windows registry is used for, the causes and signs of registry corruption and how to repair your registry.

Windows registry contains info & settings for:

  • Hardware
  • Installed Software
  • Users, Preferences
  • Control panel settings
  • Policies
  • File associations

Causes of Windows Registry Corruption:

  • Disabled drivers
  • Hardware installation problems
  • Installing and uninstalling of software
  • Failed installations
  • Incomplete installations
  • Spyware applications
  • Continued use!

Signs of a Corrupt Windows Registry:

  • Slow start-up, shut-down
  • Slow performance
  • Freezing
  • Crashing
  • Windows errors
  • Constant blue screens
  • Needs frequent rebooting
  • Cannot add/remove a program normally

Cure for Windows Registry Corruption:

  • PC Health Advisor
  • Or any other high-quality registry cleaner
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