Free Up Hard Drive Space

When the hard drive on your computer is full with temporary files or other materials, it can make your system run slower. There are simple ways though that you can free up the space on your hard drive.

Clean The Registry Cleaner

While the registry cleaner that you have on your computer is important, it also takes up space through temporary files. You should get into the habit of emptying those temporary files at least once in a while. Do it more often if you use your computer daily for many hours to perform tasks.


When you will be away from your computer for awhile, set up the defrag so that you will be able to empty some space. This is a simple process and you can find it in your system tools. This is also important to do because it will also identify any fragmented files you need to take care of.

Disk Clean Up

Another great tool for you to use is the disk clean up. This will allow you to free up more space on your hard drive than you realize. It is also found in system tools. It will identify all of the temporary files that are being stored there. Then you can click OK for it to delete them and you gain that storage space back.

Empty the Trash

When you delete items from your computer, they are stored in the trash. However, they remain on your computer. Make sure you take the time to empty that trash every week from your computer so that you have more free space.

Zip Files

If you have large files on your computer, compress them into zip files. This is very simple to do by right clicking and creating a zip file when you are in My Documents. You can move many files into one zip file too so that they are easy to organize and find.

Remove Video and Pictures

Videos and pictures can take up a ton of space on a computer.  Remove old videos you no longer want or back the videos up along with pictures to free up space

Remove Old Programs

Why not go through and remove all those programs you have never used.  I do this once every 6 months and it always clears up plenty of space.

Purchase a backup USB External Hard Drive

I got my 5th harddrive for my work computer the other day.  Cost was 80 dollars before tax for a 2 TB drive.  That is a ton of space.  It’s so cheap that you actually don’t have to delete anything anymore.  Just move it to the backup drive.

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