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The Windows Registry is a notorious little bugger that, whether you know it or not, has been the cause for some of your biggest computer-related headaches. Nine times out of ten, if your computer is acting buggy or experiencing major slowdown, you can bet that the registry is to blame. Now the Registry isn’t meant to be harmful; its purpose is to safeguard all the important files that you regularly use in your day to day PC use. The Registry (in theory) holds on to your more frequently used files so that you can access them faster and it also is designed to (again, in theory) to safely store your configuration information. Unfortunately, the Registry does this at the expense of slowing down your computer to snail and slug territory.

Why Should I repair my Registry?

In most cases, when you find that your computer has slowed down to a molasses-level crawl, the best and most effective method is to repair your registry. In essence, repairing your registry basically means removing the corrupted files that are clogging up the system and deleting files that are fragmented within the Registry. This is often called Registry Cleanup, while the software that does this is sometimes called Registry Cleaners. Either way, cleanup is essential and it is very important; the longer you wait to clean up your Registry, the slower and less effective your PC becomes.

What Do Registry Cleaners do?

Registry cleaners are the software programs designed to help you remove fragmented data and corrupt files from the registry. It is far easier to trust a program to do this instead of doing it yourself, because you can permanently damage your PC if you poke around in there without knowing exactly what you’re doing. In general, a good registry cleaner will first scan your computer and then go about cleaning up the Registry while you’re free to do as you please. Depending on their features, a quality cleaner can cost anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars usually, but there are also plenty of free registry cleaners to be found online.

Is Free Windows Registry Repair Software Worth It?

While most free software is kind of questionable, it’s surprising how effective some of these free registry repair programs are. This is probably because Windows has its own Registry cleaning tool and, though it doesn’t work very well, a free cleaner will always be tried before one that you pay for. (FYI WINDOWS NO LONGER SUPPORTS THEIR REGISTRY CLEANER) With that logic, most of these free cleaner software designers are counting on you to be impressed with their free product and then perhaps you’ll pay money for their other offerings. At any rate, it helps to look at consumer reviews for the free repair software you’re considering. “Free Windows Registry Repair” is a very popular free cleaner, as is “Registry Repair.” No matter what brand you choose, though, just make sure that you regularly clean your Registry if you want your computer to have maximum speed and performance. If you’d like to review our top 5 picks for registry cleaners, please visit our registry cleaner comparison chart.

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