Simple Computer Virus Prevention

Like viruses that make us sick, computer viruses also self-replicate, infecting files and computer systems. They can even be passed from one computer to another. Computer viruses range from being destructive to just annoying. Who knows why the people creating them take the time to do so, but trust me, you don’t want them infecting your computer.

The time and money costs of a nasty computer virus can be very high. Not to mention the frustration it can cause you.

So what’s the best way to protect your computer from viruses?

Well, simply enough, by installing an anti-virus software.

The companies specializing in anti-virus software are constantly at work. Viruses are created all the time, therefore in order to combat them; anti-virus software must be continuously updated. This is why the best anti-virus software often includes a yearly fee.

Although it is something you can choose to procrastinate or completely ignore, installing anti-virus software is highly recommended. Many of these software utilities can be installed and then set up to run automatically. This way it’s practically a hands free solution.

Our top pick for antivirus software is now Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. It used to be Trend Micro but I found that program while still good just takes up way too much system resources and their Internet Security Suit just really turns me off now.

No matter which antivirus software you decide to choose, make sure to get one installed ASAP. Without it, your computer will likely be infected with a virus at one time or another. When that happens you may need to get a technician to repair your computer.

Here are our top Picks of Free Clients as well. I should note that we do not endorse using a free client. The support sucks and most do not have active protection. However something is better then nothing.



Spybot Search and Destroy


Most technicians charge hefty fees (plus you will be unable to use your computer). Often, they will need to clear everything from your hard-drive and start over (which may mean you will lose all the files you don’t currently have backed up).

It’s much, much easier to avoid getting a computer virus than it is to get rid of one (similar to the viruses that make us sick!). So I urge you to check out Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. It is not very expensive and a trial version is even available so you can see how easy it is to use.

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