What Exactly is Registry Cleaner Software For?

Chances are good you run Microsoft Windows on your PC. Windows has a registry database in it that holds all of your settings. Things like software, files, applications, and registration keys are all held in this database. When you install a new piece of software, the registry keeps track of it. When you uninstall a piece of software, the registry keeps track of that too. In addition, it also keeps track of every file on your computer. So this registry is a major database.

Over time, the registry starts to get a little overloaded and even corrupt. It’s not a perfect system, so errors start to build up. And that’s where registry cleaner software comes in. These registry cleaners will clear up the errors, allowing your Windows Registry to run smoothly.

If you notice your computer starting to take longer and longer to open . or run programs, it could be a sign that it’s time to clean your registry. Please note that all computers will start to build up registry errors. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, it’s a matter of the Windows Registry. The only way to remove these errors is to either uninstall and then reinstall Windows (which means you need to take everything off your computer and start over) or to periodically run a registry cleaner.

As you can imagine, getting an inexpensive registry cleaner (most are about $20) will be a huge time saver.

If you’d like to review our top 5 picks for registry cleaners, please visit our registry cleaner comparison chart.

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