What is the Windows Registry?

The Windows Registry is a giant database in the Windows operating system. The database stores all the information related to your hardware, preferences, and software applications.

When you first purchase your computer, the registry will be uncluttered and you’ll notice that it runs at lightening fast speed. This is because your registry is smaller and has far few errors than an older computer. With less clutter, your computer can search through the registry database much faster. However, with use over time, the windows registry will fill. As it fills, unnecessary registry entries will clutter it.

Remove Unwanted Programs and Clean Registry

When you install or uninstall software programs, drivers, or even create and delete files, your registry will start to grow. When you delete a software program, it is often not entirely deleted. Remnants of it are usually still installed on your computer. Leaving these remnants can cause problems later on down the road.

The more you use your computer, the more build up you’re going to get in your registry.

Obviously, you need to use your computer, so there really is no way around this.

What you can do is fix the Windows registry errors. Please note that you should never start deleting registry errors on your own. Instead, you should invest in inexpensive Windows registry cleaner software and run it periodically.

Most of this registry cleaner software comes with a back up feature. That means you can back up the windows registry before the cleaner deletes anything. In the event something important is deleted, you will have a back up of your registry. Safely clean and repair your windows registry with registry cleaner software.

Repair and Clean Windows Registry

Windows registry cleaner software will scan and clean up your registry. Registry scanners and cleaners like PC Health Advisor and Registry Booster will provide you with the most comprehensive registry cleanup. These tools will repair and clean the windows registry virtually on autopilot. Make no mistake, windows registry clane up is vital to extend your computer’s life.

Learn more about the top registry cleaners by reading our reviews. Please note that windows free registry repair tools are available, but they are not as up-to-date and efficient as the commercial registry cleaner programs on the market.

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