Why Does My Computer Freeze?

One of the common problems that people complain about is that their computer freezes. They can be working on something and then suddenly it won’t perform. It can happen while they are searching online or while they are working on a document. Don’t Panic. When a computer freezes users panic. This is a common response people have. They are afraid to lose data. They may assume that their computer needs to be updated or even replaced. However, there can be other problems that cause the computer to freeze up that you need to understand.

Too Many Operations Running

Many of us open up several browsers at once. This is especially true in a work setting. It enables us to have various windows open to conveniently flip back and forth. Yet that can be overwhelming to the operating system and cause your computer to freeze up.

Installing and Uninstalling Programs

You need to make sure you follow the right procedures when you are installing or uninstalling programs. When my computer freezes after install and uninstall tasks I know that is where you’ll need to start troubleshooting efforts. Computers may be reaching the capacity of their storage and may not be able to install or run programs correctly due to lack of space. You may have to go to a restore point to get your computer to function properly again.


Corrupted files can occur even for well-kept systems. All of the data that we access with a computer can allow problems to occur. Corruption and difficulty can occur due to a variety of things.

Email Viruses

For example viruses that we open up when we read attachments. Be careful of what you open in your emails. These can definitely have a negative impact on your system and cause freezing.

Unused files, spyware, malware

There can be fragmented files, malware, and spyware out there. Such forms of corruption can cause your registry to not follow the rules of the operating system properly – and then the computer will freeze up.

Registry Cleaning Software

The use of a quality registry cleaning software program such as Registry Mechanic can prevent your computer from freezing. This type of program is able to ensure your hardware and software for the operating system is functioning like they should. The software is able to scan your computer from the inside out and to diagnose problems. Then it is able to fix them so that your computer won’t freeze up.

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