Best Windows 7 Registry Cleaner

When looking for the best Windows 7 registry cleaner you first need to identify your specific needs. The one that is best for me may not be what’s best for you. A good example of this is 32 bit operating systems and 64 bit operating systems.

There are still plenty of registry cleaners that do not run on a 64 bit OS. SO if someone recommends to you a registry cleaner built for Windows 7 you should not just go out and purchase it.
The first thing is to determine your needs. To see what bit your operating system is go to the Windows start button on the bottom left and click start. Then right click on the “Computer” icon. Now select properties. Under the System area it should tell you 64 or 32.

Now you need to understand your needs a little better. For instance Registry Mechanic is Windows 7 and 64 bit compatible as well as backwards compatible. This program has many more features to it then standard top rated registry cleaners like PC Health Advisor. However the user interface is far harder to use because there are many different tools to help optimize your computer. If you are not tech savvy and just want a cleaner to clean the registry out and that’s all then PC Health Advisor is a great way to go.

On the flip side of things. If you need a more advanced tool and your comfortable learning how to use a new program then Registry Mechanic is the better option for you. The main reason for this is bang for buck. While PC Health Advisor is known to work great at just repairing the Windows 7 registry, Registry Mechanic shines in other areas as well. This program should be thought of as an all-in-one system tune-up tool.
There are a few other Windows 7 registry cleaners worth mentioning but you can check out our in-depth review section to learn more about these other clients.

Word of Caution

No matter what program you end up selecting you should ensure you always make a backup of the registry before removing entries. Most programs like the ones above make an automated backup. This is needed in case something is removed that should not be. It does happen from time to time and you need to protect yourself against this. If you are having doubts or your computer is very hay wire then a registry cleaner may not be the right way to go. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and hire a pro to do the repair for you. One site worth mentioning is This is perhaps one of the best remote computer repair companies out there. They are very well known for solving those tough issues and they can do it all remotely so you can get up and going in no time.

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