What is the Windows 7 Registry

The Windows registry is a database that the Microsoft operating system uses in order to create and edit vital settings and variable configurations, dynamically, according to user activity and preferences. The Windows registry has been designed and implemented for a very long time, since the oldest versions of the Microsoft Operating System. For this reason, many specialists believe that the registry is a core component of each of the up to date Microsoft operating system releases.

Having this said, the Windows registry is present as well in one of the latest versions of the Windows operating system, namely Windows 7. For already experienced Windows Vista users, the Windows 7 registry should be completely intuitive and easy to adapt to, especially for the reason that the structure and most of the functionality is quite the same. However, since Windows 7 has been created in order to become what Windows Vista has in many cases failed to be, computer operators are hoping that the Windows 7 software developer community will have an easier time at creating bug-free applications with a strong capability of cleaning the Windows 7 registry when a program is uninstalled.

At the moment, the Windows 7 registry can be administrated either automatically, with one of the software registry cleaners on the market, or manually, in the case that the user has the skills and knowledge to do so without harming any vital section of the registry. Regardless of the level of IT knowledge that one may proof to have about the Windows 7 registry, it is always a good idea to create a complete backup of the registry structure and data in order to have a safe checkpoint in case something turns out to be different then expected.

The Windows 7 registry has certain advantages and disadvantages, all related to the fact that the Windows 7 registry is, just like in older Windows versions, a centralized concept, reason why it is inheriting all the advantages and defects of a centralized solution. For example, the Windows 7 registry is a more efficient solution compared to the legacy INI files of storing settings, however, the main concept of centralizing configurations makes it difficult to backup and restore settings for particular applications.

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