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Windows is the operating system of choice for millions of users all around the world. This is because Windows is fast and user-friendly. However, due to some reasons, Windows may slow down drastically in such aspects as booting up and loading applications. This can be due to various reasons such as a cluttered registry, the C: drive being full, or other reasons.

Utility software applications attempt to solve the above problems in order to speed up Windows systems. This is, in a way, optimization of the speed of the computer, and therefore, utility software applications are considered to be an essential part of any Windows installation.

Finally Fast is such a utility program that claims to be able to speed up your computer by removing unwanted registry entries, as well as fixing various components of Windows. However, users around the world are complaining that Finally Fast is a useless application that cannot optimize Windows in the manner that is promised. Finally Fast is available for download at However, you will only get the trial version from this website.  My guess is these guys will be moving on and changing the name of the product.  It’s a rinse and repeat type of product and one that I would shy away from.

I have to note that every time I saw their commercial on TV I had to laugh. Was I the only one who noticed the MAC computer!!! This program will not work on Macs and will only work on Windows Based computers. Just shows you that they were making all the examples up. I do not know of one instance were this program will actually solve your computer blue screen issues.

The trial version of Finally Fast has a clean GUI that is simple and easy to use, and claims that it can fix device driver errors, registry errors, missing help files, missing short cuts, missing fonts, missing extensions and missing application path errors with a single click. The scan takes ages on an average computer and Finally Fast is also known to slow down all activity on the computer when its scanner is running.

The boot time of the computer is also drastically decreased if Finally Fast is loaded as a startup service, making it a really annoying utility to have. In addition to this, Finally Fast will attempt to advertise its full version and other Finally Fast products at every turn. It achieves this through pop-ups and by installing application shortcuts on the desktop which promote Finally Fast products. This is an annoying trait that throws Finally Fast in to the category of unwanted adware.

Although Finally Fast may actually be able to scan your computer and optimize it to a certain degree, its annoying features such as the tendency to act as an adware application make it a bad choice as a Windows utility software program.

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  1. Evelyn Dixon says:

    I can not afford for cleaning up my computer because this computer was feburish and this thing keep pop up on this computer that was giving to me so please cancell these thing off this computer

    • Jason says:

      If you took a few seconds to read our review you could clearly see that we do not recommend this product. “useless application that cannot optimize Windows in the manner that is promised” This quote sums up the program. The program is miss leading and should be uninstalled using the add/remove programs option in the Control Panel.

  2. Evelyn Dixon says:

    you say is free but i still have trouble with this junk files and clutter on this computer that i can not
    remove so i need help because this computer was suppose to be alright to use and i do not have
    no sound when i turn it on.

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